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Custom Furniture

Custom Furniture

Are you unique? Is your home unique? Is your taste unique? Of course it is.   That’s why you need custom designed and built furniture. At TGI Furniture we don’t just customize our furniture, we design our furniture to fit your needs your measurements your space your taste. YOU!  From headboards to seating, from tables to accent pieces, TGI Furniture can help you accent your home or commercial space, with unique furniture pieces which are strictly yours; in size, in shape, in color!  Custom furniture, which is so you.. Because your space deserves it and so do you.

Our onsite and in home designers, can help you create your vision for that perfect office, living room, or full home. We are the preferred choice in custom designed furniture, for the top designer’s throughout the NY metro area and beyond.  Our onsite designers will eagerly and skillfully assist you, walking you through the custom process, step by step, to ensure that you are getting the design and layout that will work best for your home or office. What we create, is limited only by your imagination.

In addition TGI Furniture will refurbish your antique or family heirlooms to look and feel like new. The custom reupholstery processes and furniture finish and restoration at TGI Furniture are superb. Your choice of design finishes and fabrics are limitless.

With 25 years of custom and tailor designed furniture, our expert craftsman, our talented reupholsters and our meticulous refinishers, together with our interior designers will work to bring your custom furniture design ideas to life.  TGI Furniture will make each room in your home and commercial space distinctive and exclusive.

Are the seats of your chairs torn? Do you want a new look? Your new walls don’t match with your present seats – Customize with TGI Furniture for a small fee of $50 , you can reupholster your old seats and get a beautiful new decorative look. Click on the faux leather you like and we’ll send you back your estimated cost for reupholstery from old to new – or you can send your COM at no additional charge.  

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